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Martin Kalberer 


A chance encounter at a craft show in London in the 80s led Martin to High Wycombe College of Furniture where he trained in furniture making and design. He has worked ever since as an independent designer-maker, first in Germany and since 2000 with a workshop in Bath.

Martin has experience in designing and making furniture for any room and has created kitchens and dining tables, desks and book-cases, beds and wardrobes, clever storage solutions for awkward spaces and many one-off pieces to suit particular needs, tastes and budgets.

We will help to translate your ideas (however vague or precise) into furniture which works for you and your home and which you will enjoy living with.  Martin will provide detailed drawings and will advise on materials and finishes. Clients are welcome to the workshop to discuss ideas and to see work in progress.

The Workshop

 where furniture is made
my workshop bench
woodworking machines
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